Leanne Stuart Pupchek Ph.D. is a scholar, educator, and mother of Adam (21) and Zachary (18).  She teaches in the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte. Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 she taught in L’viv, Ukraine, at the Ukrainian Catholic University and Ivan Franko L’viv National University, the oldest University in Ukraine.

Leanne’s pursued research in Ukraine associated with the Euro 2012 football tournament co-hosted by Ukraine and Poland. She looks forward to volunteering at the tournament.  Her academic interests focus on the ways people construct individual and communal identities for themselves and others through interpersonal and mediated channels. Especially intriguing are the ways people are persuaded — and persuade themselves — with regard to family, ethnic or national identity. Some of her work has focused on media reception of stories of adoption with regard to her own family. Her national identity research focuses on Canada and Ukraine. She is studying the foundation for the singificant influences of the play Billy Bishop Goes to War (Gray & Peterson, 1972). She is also interested in the cases of the Scotland of her heritage, as well as identity construction in Catalonia, France, and among the Roma people of Europe. All of her interests ferment in the context of visual (or now more accurately, multimediated) rhetoric.

Adam and Zachary are young men.  ‘Nuff said.  That explains the dearth of blogging lately.

This blog is a personal Pupchek family project in no way associated officially with the Fulbright Commission or its programs. We are grateful for the opportunity to experience Ukraine in this wonderful way thanks to the support of the Fulbright Scholar program and  Queens University of Charlotte. We plan to continue our personal and professional connections to Ukraine.

4 responses to “About

  1. Ruth Baldrige

    Leanne, Bill, Adam, and Zach –

    I was so blessed to have Leanne as my educator, even though only for one class. Her support and friendship have been a cornerstone to me in this part of my life, and a mightily small glimpse into the passionate feelings she holds for her family and her work and all of her students. Ukraine is lucky to have her and will find it as hard as we do to let go of her in 12 months.

    God speed; safe travels! Grab this experience with both hands, suck dry the juices, and devour the bones! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Terry Pupchek Sindoni

    Good Morning, Bill forwarded the 1st edition of your travel adventure. I read every word of it and enjoyed it immensely. Have forwarded a copy to my son, Jim & also to Samantha. Hopefully, she will correspond with you and the boys while you’re away. Stay safe, enjoy the culture and stay in touch.

  3. Rebekah Sadovnikov

    I think i left a comment on your site before but I didn’t see it, so i’ll leave this one just in case. My name is Rebekah Sadovnikov, also known as Diane and Yuri’s daughter. You left a wonderful tribute to my mom and i thank you so much for that. I would like to get in contact with you some time. My email is there. I don’t know how often you check this website or the email but i hope you do check it. I want you to know that christina and I are doing really well and we hope the same for you,
    God Bless,
    Rebekah Sadovnikov

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