A friend in Ukraine remembers Maidan sniper victims of Feb. 20, 2014

I know that I have promised to devote one of my next letters to the topic of human dignity, especially in the light of current situation in my country. I am working on fulfilling this promise and at times it feels like I have to write a book…so much is there to say. This present message, however, I want to dedicate to those Ukrainians who were persecuted, beaten, tortured and shot dead during the Revolution of Dignity. I know they died not only for “a new Ukraine” but for “a new Europe”. For me, as a Christian, they died for the right to defend their God-given dignity. Some of them died even without realizing what awaited them on that day in Maidan but the majority died because they were ready to. My opinion, though, can be easily smashed by thousands of contrary views.

I come across many foreign articles depicting Ukrainian activists of Maidan as nationalists and fascists, as the ones who organized a coup in Ukraine, who used weapon against the police and turned a peaceful revolution into an armed uprising. Perhaps foreign journalists know better what had been happening in my country before the Maidan, they know better what was the essence of Maidan, and perhaps the Moscow perspective of the last winter events is much better perceived in the West and perhaps it is more psychologically convenient for an average westerner to think that Maidan was just a local showdown between east and west. Perhaps the Ukrainians who died in the last days of the Revolution were dying for money paid by the nationalists from the Ukrainian western regions or, by the USA. Perhaps…perhaps…perhaps…why not? Everything is relative in this world, things are so complicated…so unclear….It is so difficult to get to the truth, let’s be satisfied with half-truths, quarter-truths just to avoid uncomfortable waking up.

            I will not say much this time. I’d better be quite with my biting irony. Here is a 26-minute English language video with comment telling about the last days of the Revolution of Dignity. On February 20, 2014 around 100 people were shot dead by snipers and our present president Petro Poroshenko established this day as the day of Heavenly Hundred commemorating the one-year-ago events.


Watch this when you have time. I watched it a couple of times to remind myself of what happened. It has impact on my daily decisions… It is a tribute to the “Heavenly Hundred” – the first victims of terror signaling of the forthcoming war against the political dignity of Ukraine’s statehood. Share it with others. Today these events are skillfully wrapped in ridiculous interpretations but I appeal to your common sense.


For those interested to continue a master class from Belial I fished out another propaganda video on a whole propaganda site. A clear Russian-accent voice trying to imitate American English is applying a typical method of belying reality with the help of facts. Those who have ears, listen, those who have common sense, analyze:



Finally, I would like to apologize for my exaggerated news about the physical state of Nadiya Savchenko in my last message on Feb 10. I fell prey to a bit populist publication of Yulia Tymoshenko’s party. Nadiya is indeed in critical state but the injections keep her going. Here is Savchenko’s speech in the Basmanny court (Moscow) on that same day. As you can see, she did not only stand and walk, she could even smile and defend her position:


Pictures from the court:



Thank you for reading this message. You do not have to agree with me but I beg you: BE AWAKE, THINK, ANALYZE AND SEEK THE TRUTH. The war in Ukraine is not somewhere far away, it is in your heart and your mind. It makes difference whether you are on the side of the good or on the side of the evil. There is no buffer zone to hide by appealing to the fact that the military location is far away from you, in the Ukrainian region of Donbass.

Halyna Pastushuk

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