Nadiya Shevchenko’s Russian imprisonment

From a friend in Ukraine:

Today is the 60th day of NADIYA (HOPE) Savchenko’s hunger strike.
Please support her in your thoughts. Even if she dies she needs our spiritual support in the last hours of her life. She weighs only 50 kg as for today. The analysis of her blood is very bad: the formula is changing. She refuses to stop her hunger strike and says: “I am ready to die in the name of justice”. The fact that she is not guilty is 100% proven during the trial. She has 100% alibi. All the facts are there. She is Putin’s top hostage. I am sure that every hour of her hunger strike gives an immense damage to Putin’s regime and his empire of evil, all this is happening in the invisible spiritual world and will add to its end, drop by drop, very slowly but irreversibly. So far, Putin is sadistically enjoying her suffering and watching how the world is turning around his will, paying attention to him, begging him to set her free. Nadiya is one of his aces to play. By what is happening to her he is terrifying Russians to sit still and bear his regime. Soldiers and their families are signing special papers in which they promise not to promulgate their participation in the military actions on the territory of Ukraine to keep the war in secret. 

Today in the morning Nadiya was brought to the court. They want to prolong the trial till the middle of May 2015. Her lawyers brought an appeal to the EU court yesterday. 

Nadiya cannot walk or stand and she can barely speak but her spirit is very strong. Neither her lawyer, nor her sister and mother could coax her to stop the starvation. This is what she said:

“I took part in two wars and I am ready to die in the name of justice. Your prime-minister Medvedev said that if they cut off the SWIFT system, then Russia is ready to all kinds of measures. I am also ready for all kinds of measures. I survive barely by the power of my will. I shall go to the end.


Her exhausted and suffering body is extremely sensitive to every positive thought, to a prayer, to one day of hunger-strike in your life in her support. Another 5 members of the EU parliament joined a hunger-strike to support Nadiya.

I believe that everything happening in this world is very tightly connected. Do not fall prey to thinking that you cannot do anything. It’s up to you how you can help her. Just do something good today in her name…and may the Lord bless you.

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