From the Russian Front 2015

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we  don’t hear about everything that’s going on in the world from our news outlets.  Let’s face it, Paris is the home of Agence-France-Presse and a number of foreign news bureaus. So what happens in Paris — or New York or London — makes headlines.The new and unexpected also makes the headlines.  (The very definition of “news.”) But let us look a bit beyond the headlines to what is happening away from international attention, what is still happening and has been going on for a year–the Russian attacks on Eastern Ukraine.  Here is a note from from the Russian front…the Ukrainian Russian front.

Letters from Attacked Ukraine. Letter 5: JE SUIS CHARLIE = JE SUIS VOLNOVAKHA
Halyna Pastushuk <>

January 15, 2015


Dear friends,

I have to bother your peaceful and busy pace of life with another message and address you with a bunch of sad news. This message was supposed to be posted a day before but daily cares and constant ‘living in the news’ hampered me from doing this. Today is announced a day of deep mourning all over Ukraine. We’ve got our “Charlie” three days after the French tragedy. On Jan 13 Russian terrorists attacked from GRAD a civil bus as if aiming at the Ukrainian check-point near the town of Volnovakha in Donetsk region. Their target, unfortunately, just like in case with the Malasian airplane in July last year, turned out to be also a bus with civilians. First the Russians boasted with a successful hit and 11 killed. After the sad discovery the news immediately disappeared from the internet and now the separatists refuse to accept the responsibility. 10 people dead at once, two died later in hospital, 18 severely injured.

More on this here:

and here:

This is a horrifying video of the bus after the mortar attack:

In three days of Islamic terror the French lost 17 citizens. In a very similar way, for the same absurd reasons, in a war caused by Russian terror, we lost 12 in one day…and how many more…how much more??? I express my solidarity with the French who are mourning their victims of terror. I hope this is a mutual feeling. It is very hard to realize, though, that unlike Alkaida and similar structures, LNR and DNR (two fake republics in the east of Ukraine) are not yet recognized as terrorist organizations, even after the crash of the Malasian boeing. This indefiniteness, this unclarity and obscurity, this fear to call things with their proper names is very hurting. The evil forces like when things are blurred and triple covered with fear and political correctness.Our president Mr Poroshenko is going to press the international community with this issue.

Oleg Liashko, the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, is calling all Ukrainians to organize a protest action this forthcoming weekend to show solidarity to the world, to show  that there is not civil war in Ukraine and we are united against our enemy.

In my previous message I promised you to give links to petitions about saving Nadiya Savchenko from fake imprisonment. In her last letter of Jan 12, delivered from prison by her lawyer, she says she promised herself that the last day of her hunger strike can be either the day of freedom and traveling back to Ukraine or … death. She believes she will endure the physical exhaustion with the strength of her spirit. She says: “if one person thinks of me in supportive way it adds to my strength, if someone thinks of me bad (s)he only adds to my perseverance and anger”. PLEASE HELP NADIYA BY SIGNING A PETITION

Here is the latest information about her in English:

Here are links to petitions with I personally beg you to sign. One of our politicians launched a petition in White House site. Please, please, please find time to save our HOPE. Nadiya has starved for 33 days already. She lives on glucose injections and hot water because hunger strike is the only way she can protest:немедленное-освобождение-гражданки-украины-надежды-савченко-mid-rf

And here is one more piece of news. A German journalist, having applied the laws of human logic and investigative perseverance, plus some pictures from space, discovered a 4 square km military base from which Russia dislocates its forces into the territory of Ukraine. In October 2014 there were no signs of infrastructure at all. In October 2014 buildings and roads, together with heavy military transport units appeared.
No comment…


In one of my previous messages I told you that I had been struck with reactions of some people to developments in Ukraine. I continue talking to people, explaining, asking questions, giving answers, analyzing. Two ladies from Vienna asked my Ukrainian friend a very interesting question: “How can you live in the discourse of war? Why don’t you let them [Russians] take what they want and leave you in peace?” I find this question quite symptomatic and I suspect this is one of the reasons why many foreigners cannot just believe the war is on. I hear them spelling the war with the euphemism “Ukrainian crisis”. To say “war” is too harsh. I remember myself at the point when we had mysterious “green uniform guys” in Crimea in March last year. I thought to myself then: whatever, come what may, but not war! No, no, if they want to separate from us and go to Russia, let them go! I do not want blood to be shed, I do not want deaths. Hundreds of deaths after Maidan seemed too much because we all lived in the discourse of peace, just like you now. But this is exactly what Putin expected: they are all too innocent and peaceful to wake up and switch into the war mode before I really snatch a piece of land. I remember that Putin waited, he moved very slowly, like a vulture watching its prey: first two tanks on a road with the Russian flag, then unidentified green aliens on the peninsula, then talks about referendum, then guys with weapons threatening Ukrainian officers. Putin was teaching us a principle: I will go just as far as you let me. He was checking how far we all (Ukraine and the international community) could let him go. We were all deep asleep in the discourse of peace and negotiations, warnings, indignations, protests, etc.etc.etc. while Putin was in the discourse of bliz krieg. It is a fatal mistake to thing that we can pay off with a region or two from Putin. It is also a fatal mistake to think that Europe can pay off from war at the cost of Ukraine. History is repeating itself. We have buried almost all WWII veterans. There are few survivals, I guess, but did not it all start from the similar compromises? Was not Europe blind to Hitler’s challenge at the cost of the Chech Republic? And remember, Hitler was ‘respecting the free will of each state to decide its destiny’! And remember the Chechs had had just too much blood shedding before WWII to be ready for more. They gave in to avoid war. Did it stop Hitler? It is wrong to give in to the evil when it is very little. It is wrong to give in to the evil even if it seems innocent and not threatening. Evil has a quality to make its nest in the best of goodness, lay eggs there and then…when the dragons are hatched they grow very quickly and are almost impossible to overcome. I think in case of Putin the nest was that Europe was conducting a hypocritical policy with Russia, as if pretending not to see its real face in oil wars, in economic harassment, in home policy turning the state into a one-person regime. Everybody was enchanted with Putin’s smile and speeches. Oh, yesss. I took time to listen to the whole 3.5 hour international press conference he gave on December 18, 2015 in Kremlin:


I can tell it’s a hypocrisy master-class. Putin is extremely smart, charismatic and he uses even the most uncomfortable questions to his benefit. Tackled by the question about the presence of Russian soldiers in the east of Ukraine he says they “come there by the call of their heart” to help Ukrainians fight against fascists and nationalists. He has a talent to publicly wash his hands off with eloquence of his tongue. My Romanian friend, who is also a translator, once shared with me that she had been invited to translate at the top level during an official meeting in Bucharest where Putin was present. She confessed to me, to her sadness, that as a man he is very charming and has something that draws people around into a psychological whirlpool created by his personality.

Well, the eggs are being hatched now, and the dragons are awaiting us in future if we continue to avoid the ‘discourse of war’ and persevere stubbornly in the ‘discourse of peace’.

So much for this gloomy letter….please don’t forget about Nadiya Savchenko!

Again, thank you for reading it and sorry for the sad news.
Halyna Pastushuk
Christ is among us


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2 responses to “From the Russian Front 2015

  1. MB

    Funny how things change in 3 years:

    Today Azov Batallion are part of the army, ~3 years ago they were Neo-Nazis. 3 years ago Svoboda and Right-Sector were seen as threats to Europe, today they’re part of the new Ukrainian government.

  2. With apologies to James Bond, that’s democracy, Comrade.

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