Special plea from Ukrainian Catholic University, L’viv

This morning, as Ukraine debates invoking state of emergency, I received this appeal from a dear friend at Ukrainian Catholic University.

“With apologies to Winston Churchill, rarely before in the history of the world could so few, doing so little, achieve so much for so many.”
Greg Satell, Forbes

Dear partners and friends,

Allow me to repeat the Ukrainian Catholic University’s appeal to you for the assistance in spreading information about events in Ukraine. We would be grateful to you if you could approach you colleagues, partners, representatives of your government and convince them to pay attention to what is going on in our country.

It is not easy to get an adequate impression of the events – the media usually share pictures that are the most colourful and violent. The reality is much more complex. Many of our friends and colleagues are spending their days in Kyiv, and their impressions are striking: although the historical moment is tense and tragic, Maydan (Independence Square) is the friendliest, cleanest, best coordinated and safest place in the whole country! It remains entrenched for the freedom and the dignity of the Ukrainian people. We cannot turn back – there is nowhere to go back to. It is as simple as that.

The Ukrainian people know that no one else can take up our own cause. No one can take our places in this struggle. The struggle for the future of Ukraine means everything for all of us. God help us.

But our struggle is your struggle, too. Our struggle will influence the future of the Europe.

Dear friends, we are counting on your support.

Do what you can to help us deliver the information, share our point of view and create more precise and accurate picture of events.

Here are the links with information in English, and some video materials. You can also use the information about events on our webpage /.







Here is the memorial song dedicated to first three victims of the regime, written by the UCU international student Jessica Pacheco:

Be careful – this video is violent:

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