Anniversary of near-death experience approaches

It’s hard to believe it has been one year that my sister suffered a burst aneurysm–and lived! She spent almost four months in hospital, and moved into an assisted care facility just in time for a lonely Christmas. Since then she has improved remarkably and is making jewelry, from which I have benefited, as well as taking up art, for which she has and unadmitted talent.

A certain person who shall remain nameless (because she would get embarrassed, but people think she is my sister, and she lives in Ottawa’s Lower Town near the Korean embassy) has been trying to get all the ducks in a row to move Leslie from her trendy digs in Vancouver’s Yaletown to assisted living in Ottawa, nearer the rest of her immediate family. The paperwork is time-consuming and done! Things are going smoothly for now. Who knows where my sister will spend next Christmas!



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2 responses to “Anniversary of near-death experience approaches

  1. Paula

    Amazing! I’m sure that your frequent post-aneurysm visits contributed greatly to your sister’s recovery 🙂 Hope all goes well with her move to Ottawa.

  2. Louise Stuart

    You’re very generous. But ‘trendy digs’?

    I hope you had a good family time in Philadelphia?

    I have been feeling crumby for a couple of days – better today but still draggy. I had my ultra sound at the Civic yesterday – heart and carotid. It’s a good thing I give myself way too much time to get places! The Civic is huge and I was misdirected from place to place before I bumped into Shirley Blackburn.

    I still have not received the assessment from Yaletown but maybe they have faxed directly to the placement people. I will call and check today.

    I slept in this morning and that was good and I plan some naps.

    Love to everyone!

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