Family first

My sister, Leslie, has suffered a health crisis that is going to affect her life from now on.  She lives thousands of miles away from both me and my brother; nevertheless, I want to ensure I am active involved with her care. Further, I want to ensure my cousins (who live nearby) don’t feel responsible for her.

My dilemma is: How do I balance the needs of my husband and two teenagers with the needs of my sister?

I climbed upon the horns of this dilemma when my sister suffered her stroke in September, and have found myself tightrope walking between those horns since I came back to NC after almost two weeks in BC.  I am thinking of taking one of the kids to BC for a short visit at the end of the month. But I still feel queasy.

And I have to get back to work.



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10 responses to “Family first

  1. Julie Ann Wolfe-May

    … I can empathize whole-heartedly Leanne. I’ve been walking on a similar tightrope since July. Thankfully we’re all within 100km of each other but it does take it’s toll. As for the work thing, trying to keep up is ‘wicked stress’..!

  2. paula

    I’m so sorry for your dilemma, Leanne. And for your sister’s health crisis.
    We’ve been deemed the ‘sandwich’ generation, caring for children and aging parents. Add on sibling care — especially from such a great distance–and you’ve got a mile-high Dogwood special…
    Prayers to you and your family.
    With love, Paula

  3. Kathy Nickle Fullerton

    Hi Leanne: This certainly is a huge burden to bear for you and Blair being so far away! It is possible that Leslie move to Ottawa to be closer to Blair and your Mom? Sorry I am so far away as well! Thinking of you, Kathy

  4. There’s no easy solution…none…I hope that if there’s anything I can do to help, you would let me….that said, you might pick up some useful ideas / support at the Workplace Flexibility Forum that Queens is sponsoring on 11/15/12:

  5. John Beam

    The hardest parts to deal with are the distance and guilt- when you are there you feel guilty about leaving your life behind – when you home you feel guilty about leaving your family behind.

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