Lessons in life

So the rest of my posts may refer to our life in Lviv, but they will refer to our Life…And tonight the lesson doesn’t have anything more to do with chocolate, or coffee, or cobblestones.  It DOES have to do with our life.  I will probably be posting from now on with regard to parenting and working… those are the “life” lessons that I am going to share after my “Lviv” experience.

The most important thing I have learned since I have come home is how much I am grateful for my family, and so much I am grateful that I was NOT in Lviv when my sister’s aneurysm burst.  i would not have been able to have journeyed to Vancouver within 24 h ours of learning my sister was in the hospital. And I would not have been able to leave the kids there foer two unsupervised weeks.   (Not that Adam would have compained!)


Both boys ar worried about Auntie Leslie, and I would love to take them back to Vancouver with me, but their school year is much more restrictive than my own.  I have Fridays and Mondays free from classes.  i can do much of my work online! I hope I can return to Leslie in the next couple of weeks.




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