Flash-mob not enough to save the team

Volunteers from the City of Lviv show their colors. Photo: City of Lviv.

From the Lviv media center, yesterday’s top story:

Lviv’s city volunteers produced a flash-mob to help motivate Ukraine’s EURO 2012 national team before their must-win third match last night.
They designed a Number 12 T-shirt with blue and yellow sheets of paper. The 12 refers to the tradition that the fans are so important to the 11-player squad on the field that they constitute a twelfth team member.

“Before a decisive game like this one, we wanted to inspire everyone in Lviv to support our team even more than before,” said volunteer Roman Danylyshyn.

The Lviv Volunteer Centre for EURO 2012 has organized two previous flash-mobs. June 8 they brought volunteers together to “Hang out the national flag during EURO 2012,” and June 11 they produced, “Let’s support the Ukrainian team together!” The city’s EURO 2012 volunteers also participated in a parade June 15 to show “Team Ukraine! Lviv is with you!”

Volunteers hang around City Hall with nothing special to do on match day. Photo: City of Lviv

“Lviv has always set shown the whole of Ukraine how to support our national team,” said Media Centre volunteer Olga Bychkova. “With our flash-mob, we want to show all Lvivians — and all Ukrainians, that our team will definitely win tonight. We are transmitting all our positive thoughts and emotions to our footballers, so that they will score at least three goals tonight!”

That might have worked if the mob had been sending good vibes to the referee so he might have noticed that Ukraine had actually scored. The team couldn’t get three goals without officially getting that first one…

Hmmm. What strange behavior those young people are exhibiting! Photo: City of Lviv


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