“Retro” match marks Denmark’s Euro1992 victory for friendly fan fun

All photos: City of Lviv

From the Media Center in the Lviv City Council Chambers again:

One day before the highly anticipated clash between the national teams of Germany and Denmark, a friendly “retro” match in Lviv Polytechnic Stadium between fans of Denmark and Germany ended in an impressive 8-2 victory for the Danish side. The match was organized by the Danish fan organization to celebrate the biggest success in Danish sports history, their 2-0 victory over the favorites from Germany in the EURO1992 final in Gothenburg/Sweden.

The Danish Fan Embassy in co-operation with the country’s football association is implementing this new concept of fan support to bring fans from competing teams together in an atmosphere of friendship.

The Danish team tried to weaken the German team from the start by missing the target widely. This strategy proved successful. In the uncommon heat of 30 C, the German goalkeeper’s many efforts to get the ball back from behind his goal cost him dearly. So, when a Germany player (wearing the jersey of former forward Jürgen Klinsmann) passed disastrously to Danish feet, the goalie was too tired to make the save. The Danes scored three more times in the first half.

Hoping for improvement, the Germans returned to the pitch with a more defensive strategy, which initially confused their opponents. This resulted in the first goal for the German team. The team never gave up fighting, but the match ended worse than the 1992 EURO final.

The Danes’ preparation for the match seems to have made the difference. On the eve of the big match, at Camp Denmark, some 20 km. outside Lviv, the 350 campers had celebrated the landmark win 20 years ago with a big party, with beer at half price, and five pigs on the barbecue.

The ultimate goal of encouraging friendship between fan groups earned a significant boost, suggesting friendly competitions like this one might be a good idea between fan groups. Each player was honored by a commemorative medal as a reminder of this retro match that celebrated a match that made real history.


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