Danish enthusiasm recharges Host City Lviv atmosphere

This is an example of a press release that I am editing/rewriting for the Lviv City Hall press office to send to the accredited media covering the Euro 2012 games in Lviv.  I took all the photos–and added the asides. Tonight is the second of the three Lviv games:

On the streets of the Lviv, boisterous singing, chanting, and cheering have announced the arrival of the Danes. While many of the German fans have travelled to Kharkiv for Germany’s game against the Netherlands tonight, and many of the Portuguese fans have been in Lviv since their Saturday game, the Danish fans are newly arrived. The mix seems particularly good-natured.

“Ukrainians are very similar to the Portuguese,” pronounced Enrico from Denmark. “You are both very friendly kinds of people and constantly hugging. And you have a similar sense of humor. That is why we like you so much!” (I think it might have something to do with the beer…)

Since the Danish fans have arrived, street football games have broken out all over the center. One game took place near the Fan Zone today. Yesterday, Danish and Portuguese fans played each other in a friendly match on Rynok Square.  About 700 Danish fans are staying in the fan camp outside of the center. Some of theme were interviewed by the city in this video.

Manuel came to Lviv last night and already has big plans. “Today, before lunch I’m going to walk around the city. I plan to visit the High Castle as I heard a lot about it.  I have already been drinking your coffee and tasting some krendeliki. It’s delicious!”

One Danish fan praised the prices he has found in Lviv. He said he was surprised. “In our country, it is very expensive. We should all bring our money and come here to have fun!” he said. (The City Council would sure like to hear that!)

Another said he planned to stay in Lviv until the June 17 match. “We are getting high from the atmosphere.  We liked Lviv very much!” he said. (Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that they won their first game over one of the favorites and expect great things in tonight’s game?)

And they many be taking home more than stories of good fun. Perhaps a new song to add to their repertoire? “We heard the song Nossa on the radio,” said one fan.  “The Portuguese are singing it. It is awesome!”

Maybe they’ll leave the big Viking who is glaring from the corner of the City Hall where Danish Fans have set up their fan embassy.

Danish fans from the fan camp will be among the viewers in the Fan Zone when Portugal and Denmark kick off at 19:00 Lviv time tonight. (The square around City Hall is relatively quiet now.  Most of the fans are moving to the stadium, and the rest will move to the Fan Zone down the road in the hour before kick-off. So will Bill and Adam and I.  May the best team win.)



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4 responses to “Danish enthusiasm recharges Host City Lviv atmosphere

  1. Dan

    I”m enjoying your coverage of the Euro Championships from Ukraine. Thanks, Dan (friend of a friend – donna filanowski)

  2. Lively blog post! I can feel the excitement from here!

    • Thanks, Patti. Great disappointment in the fan camp and across the hall (my neighbor is Danish) last night. I will provide some links to some Ukraine, Germany and Portugal fans-behaving-wonderfully, as well. They seem to energize everyone! I’ve never seen anything like it. So much more energy is concentrated towards the athletes representing the nation when there are only two nations rather than at sporting events like the Olympics, where the participants represent so many more teams all at once. Very colorful, but the energy seems to be diffused. Hmmm. Must think about that.

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