Stella Rose in repose


There’s a new star in cat heaven. Little Stella Rose lost her ninth life Tuesday afternoon, poor thing. And Zachary held a vigil over her until dad and Adam came home. Poor guy.  He was inconsolable for a long time.

Adam put Stella in her box, where she never wanted to sleep.  Zachary checked on her regularly.  I think he hoped she was just fooling. There should have been a short but meaningful ceremony by the time I get home to L’viv tomorrow.

Stella got sick last week. The vet put her on antibiotics for an eye infection and to see if she could build herself up to fight off  virus.  When I left for Crimea on Friday I worried that I would never see her again. And I put in her eye drops and gave her  a cuddle and a little scratch behind the eats.

Adam had already lined up a new home for her, but we wanted to make sure she was healthy before we sent her to her new home.  I was happy she seemed to be responding well to the treatment.

But when Zachary was in his room Tuesday afternoon, her heard a crash.  He raced into the front room to find that Stella had fallen out of her favorite sunny perch on the window sill. Bill thinks she may have had a stroke or a convulsion. She had learned to get herself onto the window sill just a week ago. But then she became very ill. After her first round of antibiotics, she seemed so happy and herself again.  I gave her another dose of antibiotics (and I have the scratches to prove it.) But she was still a sick little kitty. When she tried to get down from the window sill, she did not have the strength or spatial orientation or consciousness to do what healthy cats do and land on her feet.

Zachary has been trying to fill the void.  He has been feeding a black cat in the park, but we cannot have pets in our apartment.  We were fostering Stella just until we could find her a permanent home.So the black cat stays in the park.

Stella Rose was a tabby cat, and I must have seen 18 tabby cats in Odesa today. I kept thinking, “That’s what Stella would have looked like if she had grown big.”


Stella turned me into a cat person.  I loved reading her eyes. I loved having her sleep on my blanket and even liked the way she crawled all over my head after she learned to climb up onto the bed. I liked hearing her meow when she wanted to be fed in the morning. I liked having her in my lap when I wrote at the computer. I am happy that we could give her a cozy place to live out her numbered days. I hope the cat angels help her finally learn how to play with some kitten toys.  Sigh.



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7 responses to “Stella Rose in repose

  1. Pat Burton

    So sorry to hear about Stella Rose. I’ve always been a cat person, so I feel your pain…Love and hugs to the whole family!

  2. Terry

    I am so sorry for your pain. I know that might sound silly to some people, but animals do wiggle their way into our hearts and homes. Thanks for making the effort to make her life a good one, you did make a difference in her life.

  3. John Beam

    I am so sorry and I feel for Zachary – it is amazing how fast you can bond with a pet. Just remember what Dr. Seuss said…. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  4. paula

    Such a touching story…Zachary has always had a special touch with animals, and our dogs love the attention Adam gives them when he visits. Stella was lucky to have found such a great home in your hearts. Please give our best to the boys.

    • Thank you, Paula. The boys held a little ceremony and buried her under a blossoming tree near the place where Zachary has been creating graffiti. A good resting place. Much love to you and the family.

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