Stella: Our new roommate

Adam rescued at kitten from certain vehicular manslaughter last night. Her current name is Stella. (I thought something Ukrainian might have been nice.) She seems to be about 6-7 weeks old.

Adam and Zachary worked well together giving her a bath. Adam bought kitty food and took her out for a walk this morning in his coat. She is sleeping with Zachary right now and used the litter box we made with ripped paper in a shoe box. Adam is off to get kitten food and a real litter box. His friend Kristina is offering to serve as resident expert.

Adam is going to have to stay closer to home, with this new responsibility. I hope they cooperate, although Zachary seems to be competing savagely for her affection (since he is not allergic.) He and she we up all night watching kittens meow on the internet… I am counting this as “Biology.”

She’s crying at the door.  Must run!



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3 responses to “Stella: Our new roommate

  1. Patricia Burton

    Keep the name! Think what fun you’ll have calling her! Stella!! STELLA!

    • I wondered if Adam knew about Stanley Kowolski when he named this darn cat! I think he got the name from somewhere else, though. Two hours ago, he said he was going out shopping for cat needs, but he has been gone such a long time, I think he has abandoned his parental obligations. Zachary, however, is serving happily as surrogate. I seem to be duty litter-box changer. Today.

    • Any pearls of advice on proper cat care? We are scouring the internet and asking local owners.

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