But is it art?

Adam has finished his first term of online classes.  He passed both English and Art. Yay! Now it’s on to digital photography and U.S. history…

For his final art project he had to choose an artist the class had studied and complete an art project in that artist’s style.  He chose Van Gogh.  He found a photograph on the internet of a tree in a wheat field. He laid on thick coats of paint. Here is his project. (It’s actually quite a bit brighter than you can see here.)


Not to be outdone, Zachary completed an art project on his own initiative while I was busy evaluating applications for an academic program on deadline. (Yes, Zachary was supposed to be doing English or Math, but at least he wasn’t studying skateboarding.) He decided to copy Adam’s painting.  After a quick lesson in how imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Adam decided he really likes Zachary’s painting, has decided it’s fall to his summer, and wants to paint another pair together.


Adam is now taking photography.   I expect the Battle of the Images to continue.  I am up for it!



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4 responses to “But is it art?

  1. Louise Stuart

    I am impressed by the art (and the artists!).


    • I am impressed, too! Zachary and I took a walk over to the L’viv Art Gallery Tuesday afternoon, and he seems to have been inspired. The art gallery has medieval and Renaissance paintings from northern Europe, as well as a special exhibit of Ukrainian iron-age and bronze-age archeological finds. We had fun. Then Wednesday, he arrives in my room with his proud face on and this! Initiative. What a concept.

  2. Terry Sindoni

    Liking the artwork, cannot wait to see what develops. Stay safe.

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