Previewing Adam’s orphanage visit report

ImageI know I promised you a report on Adam’s visit to his orphanage.  I am still trying to get him to sit down with me and dictate his feelings about the experience. 

His body language and expressions betrayed his anxiety about the visit as we took the train ride into the Carpathian Mountains.  However, the visit itself seemed to have been cleansing for him.  He is the first kid to come back, according to the guard who escorted him up into his old room. He wants this to be the first of many visits and hopes to read to the kids.  If Dr. Seuss is not yet translated into Ukrainian, we will be doing it.

When Adam lived there at the “Baby House,” he shared a crib with two other kids.  Today, instead of more than 20 kids in the 3-year-old room, we met just eight.  They are just as cute and just as needy as ever.  I’ll share Adam’s words when he’s ready, but thought you’d like to see a photo or two before then.





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3 responses to “Previewing Adam’s orphanage visit report

  1. Terry Sindoni

    Hi, the little one that Adam is holding looks like he could be a brother. I am glad that Adam faced his fear and overcame it. Who knows what this may lead to. Stay safe. Love, Cousin Terry

    • The little girl on his lap shadowed him for his entire visit! When she walked in the room she yelled, “Daddy!” and jumped up into his arms. He couldn’t let go o her. More images to come. L.

  2. Chris McGinnis

    What an INCREDIBLE journey for all of you…this experience will only add to the wonderful young man Adam is….we miss you all….

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