L’viv Christmas Market

Adam carries my purchases as he leads the way through the L'viv Christmas market, which opened today.

The L’viv Christmas Market opened today. Adam and I did some shopping and froze our toes. He finally agreed to buy winter boots on the walk home!

I hope Adam with share his thoughts about his orphanage visit as soon as he can. Getting him to stay in one place to dictate his blog is next to impossible right now, what with working on his online courses and socializing and preparing for Christmas. Oh, did I say socializing? I hope to be able to pin him down soon.



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5 responses to “L’viv Christmas Market

  1. Louise Stuart

    Always a joy to read your news and see your pictures! Best wishes for an uneventful trip home!
    Love to everyone!

  2. Gabriela Ostendorfer

    Hi Leanne, your posting reminds me of the time my mother and I were in Munich at the beginning of December 1981, I think. My grandmother had died and we were there for her funeral and to attend to her belongings and apartment. We attended the Christmarkt in Munich – it was wonderful! Oh, and I love the snowflakes…

    • We were in Munich on Sunday and were enchanted! I hope to post some of those photos as soon as I find the cable. (The snowflakes stay for another couple of weeks, even if we have yet to see real snow stay anywhere this year yet.)

  3. Marie C. Hébert

    Loving the “street flavour” of the photos. And everyone looks so calm. Refreshing to see. Glad you shared.

    • I’m glad you liked the photos. I guess you can see that people are much happier now compared to the kinds of photos we used to see during Soviet times — even early post-Soviet Times. I am hoping to be able to show some before and after photos of some of the places we have revisited. I guess the biggest difference is the celebration of Christmas itself! The feast of St. Nicholas occurs this coming weekend according to the old church calendar, and people are really in the mood for candies and trinkets!

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