Flashback to Sept. 2

Sept. 2, 2011


Today is the first formal day of classes. Adam left early to meet Vlad in the park across from the Polish consulate, where the line begins at sunrise. Bill and I walked Zachary to school.

I had an 11:30 meeting with Professor Ihor Bilinksi. Oksana met me in the entryway of UKU and we took the shuttle bus to the new and larger campus (see photo of the building where we went above). There we found Prof. Bilinski’s office. He introduced me to his colleague, with whom he shares and office and who seems to be familiar with Canada. Oksana brought Prof. Bilinski up to date with regard to apartment and kids while I spoke to his colleague. After learning where the kids were enrolled, he said, “Skola No. 4 is the most prestigious school in Lviv. It has an alumni association in Toronto.”

Prof. Bilinski took me next door where he identified an empty desk as mine. My office is in Rm. 311 with icon painting faculty; could I ask for anything more?  To get into the office, I sign out a key from the porter downstairs. If the key has gone already, it means that someone is there already and the office will be open.
Oksana and I had lunch in the school cafeteria and took the shuttle bus back home. Bill and I went to pick up Zachary from his first day of school. Somehow, we missed Adam, who was to come right home to work on his online courses. Instead, Bill called him to meet us to eat out to try to cheer up Zachary.
He met us near McDonalds, where we had dinner to address Zac’s homesickness. We then wandered the streets with the Friday night crowd with Zachary whining to go home and Adam trying on every shoe he could find in size 41. We stumbled across an outdoor market that looks like a good place to shop, but the vendors were closing up. It was past 6:30 p.m. (18:30 on the new 24-hour clock the kids are trying to get used to.)

Adam did find a pair of shoes that looks good and much more comfortable than the shoes he brought with him. Next purchase for him – running shoes. He didn’t bring any! We made our way home past the flower vendors who seem to stand at their places surrounding Stryski Rynok (Market) all the time!

See webcamera surveillance of L’viv here: http://www.arenda-kvartir.lviv.ua/?lang=en&option=article&id=webcamera  Look for us on Saturdays and Sundays on Prospect Svobody, where the Friday night and Sunday afternoon crowds make it the place to be.


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  1. Good luck with getting the boys acclimated. So glad you are tying this to Facebook!
    Amy Martin

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