Academic interests

Sept. 15

On my way to the Inauguration Ceremony for the new MA in Journalism beginning at the Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv this week. I begin teaching Media Criticism into the program next week.

I met my first class on Tuesday: about 15 students at the L’viv National Ivan Franko University. It was a very hot night–very Charlotte-like. The class met on the third floor of the main building, which was the Parliament Building of the Austrio-Hungarian province of Galicia. The classroom seats about 150 students, three rows, two or three to a bench, about 20 rows deep. All the windows were open onto the square and the park beyond. The class heard a popular media critic speak about his work, I was invited to meet the best students of English in the group after class. We discussed possible topics for a class together and decided on Media Influence and National Identity. We will meet Thursday mornings. I can hardly wait.

This morning I attended a lecture with many of these students given by a scholar of media structure from the University of Vienna. She spoke in English about the Pandora’s Box of hypermedia and the expanded roles of authorship and readership in the digital media landscape. We found we had many interests in common and will correspond.

Her talk was sponsored by Ivan Franko University as part of the L’viv Literary Festival taking place this week. After the Vienna scholar’s talk, we all walked over to a coffee shop where a panel discussed Austrian author Daniel Heldman’s novels and their Ukrainian translations. Between the German and Ukrainian iterations of the presentations I caught enough to stay interested. There are still many important social links between L’viv and Austria, I am learning. I wish I had brought my German language books. And we have to find someone to start us on Ukrainian lessons immediately!

It’s still hot! Just two days of fall last week, and we’re back to the summer! And we’re still waiting for the internet at our apartment. It does not look like we’ll have it before October. Adam’s online courses are suffering, since the computers we use at the internet cafe downstairs feature firewalls that prevent him from accessing some of the instructional materials and the tests, for example. Nevertheless, besides the lack of a direct data link to the outside world, all’s well.
More day-by-day reportage later.


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  1. Susan Gray

    What an amazing adventure you and your family are experiencing! Thanks for sharing the journey. Have a wonderful day. Love, Susan

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