Fashionable steps forwardable

Zachary and Adam visited school Number 9 today. They met the principal, who told them that they would be able to attend classes in English, take gym classes and probably courses such as art and computers. They will be able to work on homeschool materials during other class times. The principal gave us the brochure for the company that provides school uniforms. The uniform for boys is SUIT AND TIE!

Adam is not very keen about the tie business, but Zachary is in heaven. He said to Bill, “Maybe I can play on the volleyball team if I stay all year.” They are currently at the park where Zachary wants to do a handstand on the parallel bars. After four days of trying to get him to come out of his room, this is a huge step forward! He has made a breakthrough!  Now, if we can only get Adam logged on to his high school courses!

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in L’viv, a ceremonial Day of Knowledge marked by a special school assembly to which the boys should wear Ukrainian shirts or sirotchkas (We bought one for Adam the other day. We have to buy Zachary a new sirotchka as well as a school uniform). The students will sing Ukrainian songs and celebrate the success of one of the school’s alumni, who is one of those responsible for bringing Euro 2012 to L’viv. He will speak to the students. I hope to document the day in photos, if my presence is not required elsewhere.


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