Visual persuasion

Things are moving along, with or without me. Encouraged by my mother and my stress level, I have let abandoned my anxiety about many things, including finding somewhere to stay for the whole 10 months.

Bill will join us on our trip over. We’re planning to leave August 24, arrive Aug. 25, bunk in somewhere for a week or so, and find a place to rent starting Sept. 1. The academic term (university, middle and high) starts September 1.

Adam is very excited and focused on buying stylish clothes and accessories so he can look his very best when he gets there. He vaguely remembers visiting Lviv when he was five on our trip to find Zachary. He remembers the (thick and rich and chocolate) Nesquick bunny standing seven feet tall on a street corner handing out coupons. He remembers the huge statue of “Bogdan” at the top of the great stone steps to the park. And he remembers an afternoon of amusement rides. But knowing where he’s going t spend next year is not an issue for Adam; like his mom, he gets a kick out of meet new challenges and is up for the adventure, ready or not. And he’s just the age at which he’s yearning for an urban living experience.

Zachary is much more careful. He’s on the cusp of teen-ness, still a “tween” really, preferring his neighborhood to the big wide world and seeing little allure in cities — yet. He is more concerned about learning about his new surroundings, preparing. He doesn’t like surprises. He wants to make sure he can skateboard there! (Skateboarding is a recurring theme!) Cobblestones might cramp his style. Perhaps most important, he is conflicted about returning to the place of his birth.

Since my verbal descriptions are not preparing Zachary well enough, I found this TripAdvisor photo site. After viewing the photos on this site, both boys are a little more enthusiastic about the trip, I must say. Reviewing these images of L’viv in the four seasons has reminded Adam and me of the city’s character and beauty. I hope the photos have persuaded Zachary that he has nothing to fear and a great year to anticipate.

See also the Wikipedia page about Lviv.

My primary affiliation is to the Ukrainian Catholic University. Indications so far suggest I’ll be teaching Sports and National Identity and Film and National Identity. I am also teaching planning to teach Media Criticism at the oldest University in Ukraine, founded in 1661. (I’m having trouble with the link here — cut and paste to learn more.)



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