To go or not to go–that is Zac’s question

Zachary is getting cold feet. When we talk about where he will go to school and how we will take Ukrainian-language courses, he shakes his head. “I’m not going,” he says.

Adam has never voiced a concern. He would be ready to go today, if I provided him with a large enough wardrobe budget and a computer with which to check his Face-book page. I’m looking forward to shopping, as well—I’m planning to take books and the long wool coat with a hood that mom bought me in Toronto a couple of years ago. Adam and I could travel at a moment’s notice.
Zachary needs to warm up to the idea. He needs to know a lot more than he knows right now before he will commit to leaving his cozy room and his friends and the volleyball team.

Well, he may be getting cold feet, but we’ll make sure he gets a good pair of wool socks and warm boots! The more prepared he feels, the more he’ll feel open to the new experience and the less he’ll resist. I’m counting on it!


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