Anticipating our move to L’viv

Most of the Mooresville, NC, Pupcheks are moving to Ukraine for just about one year. We’re excited and a little scared.  Well, the boys are scared.  In my maturity, I call it “apprehensive.” No matter how we characterize it, you can follow our adventures here.

The reason we’re moving to L’viv? Leanne has been named a Fulbright senior scholar, and I have been awarded a grant to perform research and lecture in L’viv. Adam (17) and Zachary (13) plan to join me.

We all have been to L’viv before. Zachary was born there.  Adam remembers when we all found silent little Zachary in Orphanage #2.  Adam himself was born a few hours south in Beregovo. Silent has never been an adjective to describe Adam. Indeed, silent cannot dewscribe Zachary any longer.  We will see how silence and chatter play out among the three of use as we learn Ukrainian. I predict Adam will retrieve native proficiency within 3 months and become our linguistic leader and guide.

The three of us plan to share our experiences here over the fall 2011 and spring 2012.  As a start, in the coming weeks, we will take a moment to reflect on this time in our lives–where we’ve been and where we’re going–anticipating our departure at the end of August. Welcome to our adventure.


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  1. Dorota

    Can’t wait to hear more about your Ukrainian experience and see you sometime soon! All the best for your move!

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